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From Concept To Reality

We Turn Your Ideas Into Market Leading Products


Deans Management Services is an award - nominated industrial design consultancy that takes your ideas and makes them a reality. We inspire companies to discover, develop, design and deliver innovative products to target markets.

Ideation & Development


We look to identify new trends and themes that have an impact on the market place. Having the creativity to establish the innovative ideas from the ones that are not.



Looking into market databases, exploring market trends and understanding the behaviour of the customer to ensure the design is as complete and as innovative as can be.



Transforming your design ideas into physical items that can be seen and touched. Allows us to observe and change any fine details of the design before going into full-scale production.



We find the toolmaker to design the tool to get your design into production. We manage the manufacturing side of the process to ensure product quality, timelines and product outputs are met.

To be FIRST on the market you need to find an area of the market place that is uncontested. Predicting product design trends, new technologies arising on the market as well as potential competitor design proposals is what we specialise in so you stay ahead of the curve and are able to have your very own piece of innovation.

To be FRESH on the market you need to be able to challenge yourselves and find different perspectives on all aspects of the marketplace. Our path to design development uses statistical analysis and market research to easily see emerging opportunities and to explore innovation.

Design & Engineering


Using the basic functions of sketching, modelling, use CAD software and design to take an idea further whilst considering the aesthetics and ergonomics and the function of the design.


Transkit is the place where you can find all of the material handling product range.

To be FAST on the market you are going to need a team of experts who know what to do. We use 3D CAD software and prototyping techniques to communicate our design development process. We make sure products are produced as quickly as possible but to the best possible standard.

Designing In The Mind Of The Consumer

Helping Businesses Do Business Better

The world's largest dairy company wanted a new diary crate to improve the efficiency in their product output. We were challenged to improve their business to make it more cost effective with very limited change.

We turned a simple dairy crate into an item that saved the company millions of pound a year through, reduction in manufacturing costs, increase in efficiencies for transport and logistics, increase holding capacity and increase control over source and supply.

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