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We pride ourselves in our ability to come up with innovative ideas that have an impact on the marketplace. We work with all companies, no matter their size, to implement and apply new product designs, service plans and develop existing ideas, all whilst being creative.

Clamping Bracket


A way of reducing shrink wrap when trays and crates are in transit.

Poultry Tray

A poultry tray designed to be strong and durable to withstand heavy loads.

Rat Trap

Designed to be a humane way of capturing a rat in industrial areas.

Dairy Pallet

A bespoke pallet designed to fit a bespoke dairy crate. For a client in Saudi Arabia

Bale Arm Tray

A bale arm tray designed mainly for bakery use.

Dairy Crate


A bespoke dairy crate for a client in Saudi Arabia. Designed to fit more product and reduce cost.

Bakery Tray

A tray designed to fit bakery goods. Designed to look unique.

875 Drain Tray

Designed to fit inside an air conditioning unit to catch any excess water.

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