Product Development Process

Set. Defined. Consistent.

We don't just ask what you want, we find out what you want. Questions and focus groups will only ever get you so far, so we have a detailed product development process that discovers the customers true needs.

Ask the Right Questions

Get the Right Answers

To solve any problem you need to know what side to tackle that problem from. All designs and products are produced to solve a particular problem. We begin by asking the right questions so we know where those problems lie. We dig under the dirt to find out which areas we could improve or implement design.

That is why we have set our very own product development process that enables us to 'ask the right questions'.  Defining and developing your product development process only works if you repeat it so we have simplified it and laid out.

We are proactive and commited in what we do and believe in our product development process enough to ensure that we get the best possible outcomes. We ask the right questions and our product development process provides us with the 'right answers'.

Each stage of the process is as important as the next in providing the key information. It allows us to creatively develop one idea into the next and then develop that idea into something completely different. Something that is more in-line with what you need. 

Product Development Process

1) Understanding the Market


Before you tackle any sort of design you need to be able to understand the world that product will live in. We need to be able to guarantee that a design WILL be successful in the marketplace. This means indetifying trends, themes, statistics and market data. Finding out who the competitors are, the impact they have on the market and above all else understanding the customer.

2) Developing the Blueprint


We translate marketing strategy into a product design and innovation plan to get everyone agreeing on the company's vision. We will support your objectives and integrate these into our plans so we know the best way to position your brand and your new product.

3) Integration with your Company


We will design your new product to fit with your current product range, whether it be functionally or aesthetically. Your new product must be identifiable to you and your company within ht emarketplace and that is an essential element of design development.

4) Forecasting the Future


Forecasting the future allows us to discover your competitive advantage in the marketplace. Here we tap into user experiences and discover which features will motivate customers to buy and figure out what aspects a customer really needs.

5) Conceiving the Ideas


This is the stage where the design starts to come to life. We focus on design and innovation and make sure that each idea is manufacturable. We make sure to stay in the IPR limitations and continually report back to target customers to ensure the design is effective.

6) Define & Redefine


Once we have a market ready product we need to develop it further to maximize its potential. We balance manufacturing feasibility with customer desires while making sure the final product stays customer focused. All defining and redefining work stays within the customer timelines so all product outputs are met.

7) Implement, Execute & Achieve


We work with you to ensure the product is effectively put into market. We remain customer-focused until the end so that everything from product feel to the opening of the package keeps the customer satisfied. We then monitor the product and see the results as your product becomes market-leading.

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