What We Do

Product Design & Innovation

We have more than 20 years of experience in design and bringing functional products into the market. As an industrial design consultancy we practice and apply innovation on a daily basis and we possess the abilities to push your ideas further and present to you a market ready product.

Ideation & Development


We engage ourselves in all apsects of your business, brand and market to bring to light observations and potential innovation.


With experience in a wide range of industries, we have developed ourselves a background in different territories, technologies, trends and applications which we are continually working on improving.


We host in-house design sessions to see whats next and read current trends so we are always ahead of the curve.




Our in depth research and observation procedures results in products that work with you, your company, your customers and the mass consumer. Working with our marketing and research and development teams, we get the best possible outcome, from the intial stages of design to prototyping to production.


We always aim to ensure that we cover all aspects of market research, from market databases, statistics and trends so we know what is already available on the product landscape. This lets us know what gaps are on the market so we can provide a new viable product.

Design & Engineering


Our product development process separates the designs that have potential to be devloped further and be viable products.


Using our set specification, we can easily share and reflect on our product design work within a team; allowing us to critique and improve upon any product idea.


Our experience in the field of design and engineering spreads over a wide range of industries, projects, types of materials and production methods.


We can offer a fully detailed, engineered solution for complex and intricate projects.





Prototypes are vital to the overall effectiveness of the design. We are constantly producing physical 3D models at every stage to see and assess our designs.


Producing prototypes early on in the design process reduces the risk of failure later on. Whether you need intial models to explore form and ergonomics, visual models for aesthetics or fully operational prototypes, we can produce it. Our in-house 3D printer enabkes us to do this efficiently thus reducing cost and improving timescales.


We will assess all of your designs before we produce a 3D model or prototype to advise on any changes for printing or manufacturing purposes.




Batch Production


To produce multiples of a part in a higher quality it is generally much faster and more cost effective to produce a silicone tool. By using high quality master components to vacuum cast parts from silicone tools, we can produce parts in a variety of materials, from elastomers to glass-filled, high impact polyurethane.


A silicone tool can produce approximately 25 components, but multiple tools can be produced for larger volumes. These parts can be  produced for fit and function testing, aesthetic evaluation or as a low volume production alternative.


Small Volume Production


We manage low to mid volume plastic injection moulded components. Using aluminium tooling volumes of 50 units to 10,000 production parts can be tooled and manufactured fast at a surprisingly low cost.


High Volume Production


Working with trusted partners in the UK, Europe, US and Asia, we can facilitate large volume production based on the needs of the manufacturing process, materials, suppliers and distribution channels. We can facilitate the production of up to 500,000 parts per cycle to a high quality.





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