Why Companies Choose

Deans Management Services

We understand that choosing a design consultancy that will help you with all aspects of product design from implementation to production can be quite difficult. You may have been thinking about an idea for some time or you want to get more out of your current design. Deans Management Services are a company that will help you no matter the situation.

1) Fresh Perspective
We value your business and your years of experience in the industry but a fresh pair of eyes can identify problem areas that you may fail to see. We look to find the real reasons behind your customers daily routines so you get a design that suits them.
2) We Tell You What You Need To Hear
We understand that for some companies it is difficult to hear the 'right thing'. When things are not working effectively, you might need help when it comes to making the right decision. We will provide you with the practical tools that can help you make better decisions that satisfy everyone.
3) Experience In Our Methods
We have over 20 years of experience across many industries and market areas. We are experts in new product development, product design, innovation, market research and plastic production processes. This allows us to quickly match common problems with solutions. Our partnership allows our strengths to compliment yours.
4) The Drive To Succeed​
Our dedicated teams work hard to deliver success. All of our daily actions operate around what the customers want and we aim to get that object out to market. We conduct customer interviews, statistical analysis, market research and prototyping as a way of checking ourselves, to see that we are doing our work correctly.
5) Personalized Guidance
We use our research and experience to help educate our customers. The companies we work with tend to have complex problems, so our job is to get every department to work together in an organised way. We take the time to see what makes your situation special and provide a training solution.
6) Real Results
We are not satisfied when we complete a project, we are satisfied when we complete a project that has real results. We like it when we see statistical evidence of what your product has done for you as it shows that we have done what we set out to achieve. We want your company to be in a better position after working with us. 

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